Neuropsychological Assessment

Doctor interviews patient for neuropsych assessment during addiction treatment.Mental illnesses, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse can be damaging to many aspects of a person’s life. This is especially true for cognitive function and abilities. Mental illnesses can damage cognitive performance and harm a person’s decision-making skills. At Excel Behavioral Health, our accredited treatment center, we treat mental health in Boca Raton through neuropsychological assessments. Also known as neuropsych assessments, this mental health assessment analyzes the extent of impairment to skills and perceptions as caused by mental illness. At Excel Behavioral Health, we implement neuropsych assessments into our curriculum of care.

How Neuropsychological Assessment Helps

Before developing a patient’s custom treatment plan, it’s important to understand where they stand on key challenges and needs, and this is where neuropsychological assessments come in. Mental health professionals at our Florida treatment center use performance-based assessments to analyze key areas in a patient’s cognitive abilities [1], assessing skills such as:

  • Memory
  • Processing
  • Judgement
  • Problem-Solving
  • Attention
  • Motor Function
  • Reasoning
  • Language
  • Spatial Perception

These key cognitive areas are assessed through neuropsych assessments. These assessments can pinpoint cognitive areas that have been damaged by physical or mental illness, allowing doctors at our accredited treatment center to prescribe the right treatment path for the patient. Neuropsychological assessments work as a baseline to determine challenges a patient has and identify their opportunities for growth.

What Causes Cognitive Damage

In many settings, neuropsych assessments are used to identify issues created by brain damage. But, physical damage is not the only cause of cognitive challenges. At our Florida treatment center, we understand that neuropsychiatric conditions can also be caused by changes in mood or motivation [1], which can be caused by mental illnesses. This baseline assessment can help determine the extent of challenges caused by mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety. Following treatment, patients may be tested again to gauge their improvement.

How Neuropsychological Assessments are Used

A neuropsychological assessment is a test that essentially provides a snapshot of a patient’s brain, allowing for better treatment and care. Many patients at our accredited treatment center undergo this treatment before continuing with their treatment for addiction and mental health in Boca Raton. An assessment allows care professionals to develop a customized treatment plan that addresses a patient’s physical and mental health needs.

At Excel Behavioral Health, we’re committed to helping patients live their healthy lives, with sobriety and optimal mental health. Neuropsych assessments are one component of our care, giving patients a baseline for their improvement and recovery. These services are used in conjunction with our additional programs, including therapy and TMS care. We treat addiction, mental health disorders, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis disorders with approaches personalized to each patient. Contact us today.

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