Alcoholism & Anxiety

Pouring wine bottles. Many people are drinking wine because of their anxiety.Alcoholism and anxiety are common dual diagnosis disorders that need to be treated at a qualified dual diagnosis treatment center. At Excel Behavioral Health, we understand that anxiety and alcoholism can be difficult conditions to live with, and effective treatment must be given for a patient to improve their mental health in Boca Raton. Whether your alcoholism caused your anxiety or vice versa, you need help from a dual diagnosis treatment center to get happy, healthy, and sober.

Does Alcoholism Cause Anxiety? Or Does Anxiety Cause Alcoholism?

Determining whether alcoholism predates anxiety or vice versa can be like guessing which came first- the chicken or the egg. The two conditions are so interconnected that it can be nearly indistinguishable to determine which was the initial challenge a person faced. Studies show that anxiety disorders and alcohol use disorders can cause each other [1], meaning that a person can wind up drinking due to their anxiety, or their alcoholism can spurn anxiety.

So, does alcoholism cause anxiety? Yes. Does anxiety cause alcoholism? Yes. These dual diagnosis disorders can be initiated by one another, and they work together in a dangerous cycle to keep a person trapped in the troubles of their dual diagnosis [1]. Perhaps you started drinking because you were anxious, and then your alcohol withdrawals increased your anxiety. Or, you were already drinking, and the results of an active alcohol problem made anxiety develop.

Treating Alcoholism & Anxiety

Treating a dual diagnosis disorder, also known as co-occurring disorders, starts with professional assessment of the condition. Patients need a personalized plan for improving their sobriety and mental health in Boca Raton. At Excel Behavioral Health, we offer treatment for dual diagnosis disorders such as alcoholism and anxiety.

First, we help patients safely detox from alcohol. Alcohol detox is one of the most challenging detoxes due to withdrawal symptoms that can range from uncomfortable to medical emergency. But with medically monitored detox services, anyone can safely detox from alcohol if they’re ready to get sober. Following alcohol detoxification, it’s important to undergo additional treatment for sobriety. We utilize a combination of dual diagnosis treatments to help patients beat their alcoholism and anxiety. These treatments include:

  • Individual Counseling
  • TMS
  • Neuropsychic Assessment
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Group Therapy
  • Holistic Therapy

With these and many other approaches to treatment, we’re able to help patients overcome their alcoholism, anxiety, and related challenges. Getting sober and healthy starts by reaching out for help. Whether your challenges started with alcoholism or they started with anxiety, you can treat your dual diagnosis with help from our treatment professionals at Excel Behavioral Health. Contact us today to learn how we can help you treat anxiety, alcoholism, and other dual diagnosis disorders for optimal mental health in Boca Raton.


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