Is this an act of wokenomics (a term that denotes a company’s use of current trends to gain popularity and go viral), or a genuine play at spreading the word about the importance of mental health? That’s the question – and here are the facts about the mental health campaign #BellLetsTalk, supported by Canadian telecom giant, Bell Canada.

Who Started Bell Let’s Talk?

This campaign was created by a telecommunications company called Bell Canada. Think of them like the AT&T of the Northern American content. If your alarm bells are going off, then you aren’t alone. Mental health campaigns created by corporate giants seem a little strange – but let’s be open minded. Companies can also use their influence on spreading important messages, it doesn’t always have to be mental health activists.

When Did This All Begin?

It started Wednesday January 30, 2019. Though the “Let’s Talk Initiative” dates back as far as 2011, the latest viral instance is much more recent.1 The age of the initiative makes it seem much more legitimate. This isn’t some recent idea that was cooked up in a board room, but a campaign that the company has followed for eight years in a row. It deems true that overnight successes never happen overnight.

What is #BellLetsTalk?

The #BellLetsTalk initiative is a mental health campaign that Bell holds in January and February of every year to highlight the need to continue the mental health discussion. It’s basic awareness and something that we can get behind. The more we talk about mental health issues, the more we can combat it.

How Can You Help?

Get calling and tagging. 5¢ of every mobile and long-distance call made by their customers is donated to Canadian mental health programs. An additional 5¢ is donated whenever the #BellLetsTalk hashtag is used on Twitter. So, get tweeting for a good cause!

Last Year’s Numbers

A company representative told USA Today that there were “138 million interactions across social media and its other methods, creating an addition $6.3 million (CAD) that the company donated for mental health.”2 Since the beginning of the #BellLetsTalk mental health campaign in 2011, the company has donated over $93.8 million.3 Not bad, not bad at all.

Final Verdict

Visit any dual diagnosis treatment center to see first hand how devastating it can be to ignore mental health, especially you own. We think that the #BellLetsTalk campaign is providing the best of both worlds. Spreading awareness while raising money for real mental health causes.

Now, that’s our kind of #wokenomics!



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