Want to travel for rehab? We believe that every addict should consider travel as their primary option when looking for rehabs. It opens up your options for treatment, allowing you to find the best rehab for your needs. It is also very effective in treatment.

Traveling for rehab is actually a popular option for addiction treatment, especially for cooccurring disorder treatment because there is a higher addiction treatment success rate.

Reason 1 – Get Away from Temptation

The truth is that most drug rehab centers worry when admitting a local patient. These patients are much more likely to relapse because they are surrounded by temptation. They still have their drug dealer’s number, they still know exactly where to go to get high.

We always recommend that patients travel for rehab because they are removing temptation. The very fact that it is very difficult for patients to find drugs when they are unfamiliar with the area aids in their recovery. Remove temptation and seriously reduce the chance of relapse.

Reason 2 – Complete Focus

Support is so important during treatment, but in the initial days of recovery, friends and family may become a hinderance and a distraction. One of the most important aspect of recovery is that you have to focus on yourself, you have to reflect and at this time, worrying about friend sand family is not going to be helpful.

When you leave the state and travel for rehab, you allow for some distance between you and any other distractions.

Reason 3 – New Place = Fresh Start

A change of scenery is motivating. You are far away from the streets you know so well, far away from family and friends, far away from work problems, and far away from the place that you associate with your addiction.

It is much easier to reinvent yourself when you are far away from well-known scenery.

Reason 4 – Jump Start Change

Traveling for rehab might be the jolt to the system you need. When you travel, to a new place you are going to be out of your comfort zone and the very act of traveling may jump start the part of your brain that needs change.

Traveling for rehab puts you in the mindset of taking a journey toward recovery, allowing you a fresh start in somewhere new. The act of going somewhere physically has a positive boost on you emotionally.

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