In fact, the first symptom of sobering up could be anxiety. Yes alcoholism can lead to anxiety and the need for anxiety and alcoholism treatment.

Everybody wants to be happy, but challenges in life can make happiness a distant goal for some. When addiction, mental illness, or dual diagnosis disorders are present, happiness can feel even further away. At Excel Behavioral Health, we are committed to helping our patients find their happiness through successful treatment. Still, completing treatment and sobering up at our dual diagnosis treatment center in Florida does not guarantee happiness. In fact, nobody can guarantee your happiness but you. But, there are some steps you can take to cultivate your happiness.

Dual Diagnosis Challenges in Finding & Maintaining Happiness

There are many different studies about addiction and its causes, and some argue that Narcissistic Personality Disorder is the root of the problem [1]. In fact, those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder are more likely to have higher cooccurrence rates of substance abuse and addiction [1]. This contributes to the challenges in finding and maintaining happiness post-treatment. A dual diagnosis disorder must be fully treated before happiness can be found, and sobriety alone will not address your mental health struggles.

Warped Brain Chemistry Harms Happiness

Addiction to a variety of substances can result in many changes within the brain, especially production and absorption of dopamine and serotonin. When addiction rewires pathways or alters production and utilization of these vital chemicals, happiness can be harmed. Regaining normal levels can help improve the brain’s neurotransmitters, allowing for greater happiness [2].

Perspective is Key

Many people perceive sobriety as a magical land with rainbows and unicorns. But, this isn’t the case. Sobriety is real life, and it’s about facing challenges while staying on the right path. You cannot get sober and expect your entire world to change. Instead, you must keep perspective and understand that you control your happiness and your success. The programs at our Florida treatment center can help you develop the tools of sobriety and encourage maintained happiness.

Just Like Sobriety, Happiness Takes Work

When you were in the grips of addiction, you were counting on drugs and alcohol to make you happy. But nothing external can make you happy. Happiness comes from within [2], and it takes considerable work to learn how to cultivate your own happiness. Journaling, meetings, and meditation can all help when it comes to learned happiness.


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