Humans are social creatures, which means that loneliness can be common for people who aren’t included in their desired social circles. At Excel Behavioral Health, we’re a dual diagnosis treatmentcenter in Florida that can help patients who are experiencing mental illness or addictions. Loneliness is often the root of many problems in a person’s life, and sadly, addiction and mental illness spurn further isolation. The genetic factors that contribute to loneliness often contribute to depression [1], and depression can contribute to addiction. These factors often feed into one another, but we can help patients get healthy at our dual diagnosis treatment center in Florida.

How Loneliness Links to Addiction

Studies show that loneliness is linked to high risk behaviors [2], such as drug or alcohol use. Loneliness, depression, and addiction work in dangerous cycles. Feelings of loneliness are higher in drug abusers and addicts [2], making these individuals feel isolated from communities. This isolation and loneliness can increase risk-taking behaviors, leading to increasingly dangerous use. With depression added into the situation, things can seem grim. However, our dual diagnosis treatment center is here to help.

Treating Loneliness, Depression, and Addiction


At Excel Behavioral Health, we offer treatment for adult, young adult, and teen dual diagnosis. Our dual diagnosis treatment center in Florida can treat depression, addiction, and perceptual challenges that result in overwhelming feelings of loneliness. Treating a dual diagnosis, which is identified as two disorders existing with one another, starts by finding a program that can treat adult or teen dual diagnosis. Addiction and mental illness can be isolating, but you can get help at our dual diagnosis treatment center. Contact us today.

Consider Neuropsychological Assessment if you suffer from addiction and mental health issues. We can help.


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