This is a no BS guide to affirmations for recovery. Yep, no BS guide to dealing with mental noise, creating positive affirmations for substance abuse, and maybe actually getting something out of it. We aren’t going to ask you to have an open mind – instead, bring your most skeptical, cynical self into reading this. You don’t believe in affirmations so don’t fight it.

Who Is This For?

The Cynical Guy in Recovery

This guide is for men who are sick of the positive, self-help, gobbledygook they hear all the time. The men who think that’s all nonsense and a waste of the limited mental space they have. For the men who think that daily affirmations won’t work.

We get it, when you think of daily affirmations, you think of some hippie, or middle-aged mom, or yoga teacher, downward dog s**t is more like it.

This is for you buddy, keep reading.

Why You Should Try Affirmations for Recovery

Why the hell not? What the hell do you have to lose?

The truth is that you are going along all day, every hour, dealing with mental noise. That’s a fact, not a fairytale. We all experience this noise – the happiest hippies, the most corrupt politicians, angels, devils, cops and criminals. Everyone on the planet is dealing with mental noise.

So, here’s an idea, genius – just give it a shot. You will literally lose nothing by trying. Give yourself a challenge to stick with daily affirmations for 21 days straight.

If it doesn’t work – you’ve lost nothing but gained insight into yourself and what works for you.

If it does work – you have a new way to fight addiction and deal with it all.

Even if you laugh your ass off while you’re doing it, well hey at least you’re reacting, maybe even having a little fun with yourself.

Where to Start

So again, we are all dealing with noisy minds, our thoughts are always flying in, sometimes they are unwanted, sometimes that are a pain in the a** and sometimes they are just outright dangerous. Time to get FED up with this BS and to change the words you use.

See, affirmations are just another way of changing those words that are coming in anyway. If you are going to deal with these thoughts, then why not adjusting them to say some half decent things about you every now and then?

Change the Words, Dummy

Gary John Bishop’s Unfu*k Yourself is an unapologetic guide to positive affirmations. Mr. Bishop is a Scotsman after our own hearts. He’ll use harsh language and some good old-fashioned wakeup call language to get you to pay attention. And all he asks is that you change some of the words you are already using. For example:

I WILL becomes I AM

Change the will to the am, change the future to the present, use language to take responsibility and avoid being a chump and slave to your own mind.

I will not drink when I go out becomes I am not going to drink.

I will go to gym after work becomes I am going to gym after work.

See the difference? It’s called taking responsibility for your actions using the right words and thoughts. In each chapter of the book, Mr. Bishop discusses the following positive affirmations. These are just simple changes, but they can make all the difference:

  • I am wired to win.
  • I got this.
  • I embrace uncertainty.
  • I am not my thoughts, I am what I do.
  • I am relentless.
  • I expect nothing & accept everything.

Those are some examples of affirmations for substance abuse recovery and just life in general. There is too much here to cover so instead, go pick up the book or download the audio version. Just do it already.

How Long Does It Take to Stick?

Looking for a quick solution? None here, sorry. You wanted no BS right? Well, affirmations for recovery only work in BS-free zones.

In Believable Hope by Michael Cartwright, Mr. Cartwright explains:

“I didn’t say it would be instantaneous, but by filling your mind with believable hope and visualizing the life you want for yourself, you can change for the better. And, remember, these little mindset helps are things you can do for yourself. They don’t cost any money, nor do they require anyone else’s involvement.”

Some people say that habits take 21 days. Well who cares how long it takes. Just keep doing it. It costs nothing, it requires no one else but you and you can start right now. Just do it.

We Can Help

Still struggling? It’s ok. Strong men struggle and sometimes they need a hand up. Real strength comes from understanding that and asking for help. You can do it, brother, and we can help. Our Boca Raton sober living home has been in business for over 20 years. We have seen it ALL and have helped cynical, stubborn a-holes just like you.

Just call us at +1 877 957 8187 and let’s get started.

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