Addiction and guilt are common, especially for first time users, or users who are beginning to realize that they need drug abuse treatment.

“Who do I feel guilty after using drugs?”

Taking drugs is the ‘easy way’ to receive instant pleasure and instant oblivion. You can receive pleasure without effort and remove stress without contemplation. You are taking a short cut and to happiness and your body is warning you. Listen to it.

In The Myth of Neurosis, Gareth Wood states, “Drug abuse signals a weakness of character and a lack of foresight that the individual must eliminate if his or her self-respect is to increase”.

For people with dual diagnosis, addiction and guilt can be paralyzing. If you are already physically dependent on a drug and mentally incapable of quitting, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, you need to take the next step and visit a dual diagnosis treatment center.

“I never used to feel guilty, why do I feel guilty taking drugs now?”

Again, in The Myth of Neurosis, Gareth Wood states, “As a general principle Moral Therapy maintains that insofar as their use tends to contravene private individual moralities, such substances are potent sources of guilt and lowered self-respect”.

That’s a fancy way of saying drugs make you feel guilty because they go against your own morals. If you feel guilty after using drugs, it a sign that you are doing something that you personally believe is immoral, and you are going to punish yourself for that.

Not all substance abusers began with guilty feelings while doing drugs, some developed those feelings over time. It’s a sign that your morals may have changed. People change all the time, you grow, you change with experience, and you may have morally outgrown the drugs you use.

“Will I always feel guilting after doing drugs?”

The guilty feeling you get after using drugs can disappear if you abuse those drugs often enough. Addiction and guilt only exist together while are morally against them, but you can wear down your own morals.

Dual diagnosis patients will abuse drugs to compensate for mental health issues; they may actually continue to use drugs to suppress the guilty feelings of using those drugs.

How to Stop Feeling Guilty When You Do Drugs

Here’s the solution to your addiction guilt problems: stop doing drugs, cut it out, you are better than this. Your body, your mind, your soul is speaking to you through those guilty feelings. Shut up and listen.

You don’t have to do it alone.

If drugs are the ‘easy way’ to escape reality and reduce stress, instead find the hard ways of doing the same thing. Read books to escape and exercise to reduce stress. The more difficult the more rewarding.

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